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Meet Amnon Weigler

Amnon Weigler was born on the first Independence Day of the State of Israel in 1949. 

In 1967 he joined the Nahal unit of the Israeli Army - a unit that shares settlement and social endeavors as well as combat. Amnon served in the paratrooper unit of the Nahal and was the founder of Moshav Zofar in the Arava. 

Amnon joined the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) and earned his guiding license from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. In the SPNI he established Field Study Centers, was the Coastal Plains Regional Director and built groundbreaking educational programming that is still in use.

After 12 years he departed from the SPNI and was involved in various educational tourism programs. He joined Oranim Educational Initiatives as Vice President where he oversaw the programming and educational content of Teen and Jewish School programs, Jewish Teachers programs as well Jewish Travel programs around the world.

Amnon also founded the Christian Holyland Tourism department and developed unique programs based on travelling with an open Bible.   In 2013 Amnon decided that he could best serve his clients by stepping out from under corporate management and he founded Shony.  

‚ÄčAmnon is proud of his family and now is enjoying life as a grandfather many times over. 

An avid hiker and photographer, Amnon finds something interesting and beautiful wherever his path leads: 

Amnon sharing historical secrets in Ramle

Amnon telling a Biblical story on the spot it happened 

Amnon is looking forward to welcoming you to Israel