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Shony Travel is the leader in Jewish educational travel to Israel and around the world.

Amnon Weigler and his team create unique, tailor-made educational adventures for your school or organization that meet your expectations, interests and curricula. We see the preparation of the sites and activities as a partnership to ensure that the trip is a success on all levels.


We provide quality services and utilize top-notch staff and suppliers at competitive rates. Our programs follow very strict safety and security guidelines while being educational, inspirational and fun. 

Shony can also arrange for Jewish educational programs in other destinations in Europe such as Poland, the Czech Republic, France and Italy. These tours can be add-ons before or after a trip to Israel or as a destination in itself. 

Shony can arrange for Israelis to join your group for peer-interaction and to take part in Tikun Olam projects, to help your students earn credit for their community service requirements . 

The effects of an educational experience in Israel are enormous and we look forward to seeing you and your class in Israel soon!

School trips to Israel 

Where the country is your classroom 

Kabbalat Shabbat at the Wall

Program with Israeli peers

Ride a camel in the desert 

Participate in a real archaeological dig