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Jewish Heritage Travel 

... no mater what age you are! 

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Trips

The experience of a lifetime ...

Travel with a vision:

​We work with you to create the ultimate experience for you, your family and your organization while helping to unify the Global Jewish Family.

Each member of the Jewish Family connects to and identifies with different aspects of being Jewish: religion, history, food, lore, Israel, language, ancient wisdom, humor, tradition, Zionism, community and more. 

Your program will introduce the participant to many aspects of being Jewish with the trip to Israel. The multi-level, interactive educational program is built to offer the participant many (fun) experiences and enrich the participant's knowledge and understanding of Israel and its role in the Jewish Family.

Using a non-coercive and pluralistic approach, the program we have developed together allows the participant to choose those elements which are closest to their heart. After all, how can you fall in love with something you do not know? 

By connecting with one’s own Jewish interests and by recognizing the contribution of the Jewish People to society on so many levels, the participant will come to identify with Israel and the Jewish Family as a whole.