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Academic Travel Programs to ISrael 

The "Start-UP Nation" is an academic resource

Shony has developed a specialty: to tailor made programs for academic travel to Israel. 

As part of your studies you, or your students can travel to Israel, meet experts from both academia and from leading companies and organizations. Students receive insight into issues that affect Israel and the various cutting-edge studies and unique solutions that the “start up nation” has developed.

The experience is a double one: in the program we build, participants receive in-depth briefings and hands-on experience with a wide range of subjects, as well as the chance to tour key sites in between meetings and during the weekends. 

Shony provides programs for a number of universities in the subjects of business (MBA program), social work, criminology, theology, and education. These programs were organized as part of the course curriculum or as additional enrichment activities, sometimes arranged by students themselves. 

Contact us and we will build together a program that will be academically enriching, enlightening and exciting. 

Presentation at Hi Tech Company

Visit to Nanotechnology Laboratory

Lecture on Transfer Technology 

Regional security briefing